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Michael Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc.
110 Old Sudbury Rd.
Wayland, MA 01778
O: 978-443-2626
F: 978-443-6675


Your success in growing landscape plants largely depends on the care they receive. Quality soil, sufficient water and proper drainage are all necessary for your plants to thrive.

Michael Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. (Lynch) warrants plants to be true to name and in healthy growing condition when installed by Lynch. The owner and/or customer should supply them with sufficient water, fertilizer and diseases/insect control treatments to keep them healthy.

Newly installed landscape plants will suffer transplant shock, particularly during the hot summer months. It is imperative that plants receive proper care, so as to minimize stress. Trees and shrubs are under warranty for one year from date of installation, and will be replaced once within the warranty period, should they die. Annuals, perennials, bulbs, and ground cover are NOT covered under a warranty. Lynch will make warranty replacements during the optimum planting seasons: spring and fall. Typically, replacements will take place between May 1st through June 30th and September 1st through October 31st. These time frames are subject to change based on weather, schedule and/or availability at the discretion of Lynch.

Lynch assumes no liability for replacement of plants killed or damaged by pests, insect infestation, disease(s), salt/calcium (near roads and walkways), abnormal weather conditions (lower than normal temperatures in the winter, high winds, flooding, drought conditions, etc.), or other conditions beyond our control, nor will we replace plants experiencing "seasonal die-back", when pruning and proper care will restore them to health. Transplanting, re-planting or moving landscape plants from their original location will void the warranty. Freight, labor and other costs are not included. The warranty is only valid for plants installed between April 15th and October 31st. In addition, an automatic irrigation system must be installed at the property in order for the warranty to be valid. The following plants are not covered by this warranty:

Buddleja (Buddleia) – Butterfly bush
Boxus (Buxus) – Boxwood; all varieties and cultivars
Caryopteris – Blue beard
Rosa – Roses
Cuprocyparis – Cypress; all varieties and cultivars
Pinus – Austrian Pine varieties
Tsuga – Hemlock; all varieties and cultivars
Quercus – Oak; all varieties and cultivars
Betula – White Birch varieties
Ilex - all varieties and cultivars

This warranty is subject to payment of the original invoice being made within the terms of the sale and account being current.

All orders for landscape plants are accepted under the foregoing conditions, and no other warranty, whether expressed or implied, will apply.

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We proudly serve the towns of Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Wellesley, Lincoln, Concord and Natick.

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Lynch Landscape and Tree Service, Inc.

110 Old Sudbury Rd
Wayland, MA 01778
T: 978-443-2626
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F: 978-443-6675 
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