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By definition, weeds are any type of plant this is unwanted or not valued where it is growing. Typically weeds grow quickly and can overtake more valuable and desirable plants. Weeds growing in your lawn, gardens or planting beds compete with the desired plants for water, light and soil nutrients.

We have several options for weeding from one-time pulls to regular weekly or monthly programs. Here are some weeding tips, recommendations and benefits:

  • Remove weeds as soon as possible to prevent them from seeding and spreading.
  • When the weeding crews at Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. pull weeds, we do our best to get the entire weed including the root.
  • If required, we will use a tool or tools in order to extract the root without distributing other plants.
  • We will remove any unnecessary obstacles before weeding. We prefer to have acces to a bucket or wheelbarrow to ensure the weed, its seeds and any other debris go straight from the ground to a container to avoid further germination.

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